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As told by Daniel Messett …
Once upon a time, in February 2016, Meredith and I made our way up the Boynton Canyon in Sedona (Arizona) searching for the Ancient First Nations sacred prayer grounds of this famous Vortex location. This vacation followed successful lengthy careers in education, as entrepreneurs and in corporate business, all the while raising a total of 6 children, 3 daughters and 3 sons. Recently, after a demanding few years in the oil & gas, electrical utilities and industrial projects both of us working as Health and Safety Consultants, we felt it was time to leave and follow our hearts to pursue our true life’s passions.

We started our hike by passing clusters of small cactus and three hours later found ourselves trudging slowly through fields of snow and ice at the higher elevations. Although winded by the hike up to the main ledge, we were spell bound by the scenery and silence that surrounded us. At precisely 12 noon, the brilliant sun centred itself in the fulcrum of a perfect V shape at the summit of the opposite side of the canyon.

It was time to give thanks to the universe for the gift of this moment in time and space. Meditation was in order which quickly lifted us to a serene state of mind with visions of our forefathers, leaving us with a complete sense of calm and clarity of purpose. Meredith noticed how lost I was in the moment and took a stunning photo as I meditated immersed in my thoughts and visions. That striking black and white photo now adorns the walls of our facility in Castlegar, B.C.

Following our return to Sedona, we both sensed something significant had occurred that morning. We were drawn to a shop that took photos of our Auras by means of Kirlian Photography. The owner of the store shouted aloud when she saw the results of my coloured picture. She was taken aback by the colour spectrum and locations of glowing white surrounding my head, violet next was indicating high levels of inner consciousness. Meredith showed an equally vibrant array of colours when her pictures were analyzed, mostly blue and green. Teacher/Healer that has been her life’s work in a multitude of disciplines. (Which comes full circle in the creation of our Floatation Facility.)

We had collected a number of brochures, one of which was for a Float Tank. Although we ran out of time and did not get a chance to float in Sedona, that brochure kept resurfacing in our conversation. After returning to Castlegar we were very disappointed to discover that the closest Float Tanks were three hours away. Lightning struck us with the plan to start the West Kootenays first Certified Float Tank Facility, located in Downtown Castlegar, B.C. After months of planning and meetings our concept for a State-of-the-Art Healing Centre was approved. It was eventually baptized, “REST ASSURED kootenay floats.”

Although proud of our varied and successful careers, our greatest joy comes from sharing six adult children—three sons, three daughters—as well as three adorable grandsons (how great is that!). We created REST ASSURED kootenay floats to be a legacy for our community, the Kootenays and our family. Please join us!

Rest Assured Story - Sedona

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