What to expect

What to Expect2019-01-19T19:06:37-04:00

When you float with Rest Assured …

1. Arrive and check in

You don’t need to bring anything except perhaps a hair brush

2. Prep

We’ll cover the basics and answer all your questions

3. Shower & Shampoo

And rinse off your day thoroughly

4. Put in earplugs

before your float; they keep out sound & salt!

What to expect from floating

5. Step into our float tank

allow your mind and body to unwind

6. To signal the end of your float

we’ll turn your cabin light back on.

7. As you step out leave & the cabin

 the motion-sensor light will welcome you back

8. Shower & Shampoo again

 Rinse and feel softer, silkier, skin and hair

9. Enjoy your day/night

feeling more at ease and connected with your body

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