Why does REST ASSURED have only 90 minute Floats?2017-01-06T18:17:41-04:00

We chose to follow the float industry’s consensus, that the optimism float time has proven to be 90 minutes.  This provides sufficient time for the guest to actually reach the goal of Theta brain wave state.  In the beginning, it does take longer for the mind to settle and come to full relaxation.  That is also why we recommend a minimum of 3 floats – for the time needed to reach and receive the benefits of Theta Wave relaxation.

You may notice we have kept our pricing equivalent to 60 minutes to maximize the benefits.

What do I need to bring?2016-09-05T18:49:21-04:00

Nothing really, since the majority of our guest float in the nude, therefore there’s no need for a swimsuit. We provide earplugs, towels, soap, shampoo, as well as a hair dryer and curling iron. If you’d like to bring your own shower shoes, you’re welcome to do so.

How long is a float session?2016-09-05T18:49:14-04:00

Floats start at 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes and at specific times of the day can last over 2 hours long. You should plan to arrive around 15 minutes beforehand so you can park, arrive, check in and shower before your float, which begins on the hour.

How is the water cleaned?2016-09-05T18:49:07-04:00

We abide by the Province of British Columbia, Health Protection Branch and Ministry of Health Regulations for Float Tanks. Our water is filtered 4-times between each use and is constantly tested and balanced to assure the highest level of cleanliness possible. UV Lighting eliminates 99.9% of pathogens, Bromine, Ozone Filtration, VGA Compliant Skimmer and Suction and the 1 Micron Particulate Filters capture even the smallest of particles.

What if I’m claustrophobic?2016-09-05T18:46:22-04:00

This is the most common fear for first-time floaters. Fear not; the feeling of floating is so freeing and relaxing that the anxiousness you may feel goes away very quickly. If you feel like you’re having a tough time, you can get out right away, no questions asked. If you prefer to float with the light on or music, that’s okay too.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?2016-09-05T18:48:58-04:00

It is best to refrain from drinking caffeine for a few hours before your float (caffeine is a stimulant, and can make you jittery during your session). If you can plan for it, don’t shave or wax before your float – the salt water can irritate some folks’ skin. Eating something light about 90 minutes before your float is a good idea, since a grumbly tummy can be distracting during your float.

How long have people been doing this Sensory Restricted thing?2016-09-05T18:48:52-04:00

Dr. John C. Lilly created the first Sensory Restricted Tanks in late 1950’s and other folks have been improving upon the designs since then. Athletes, such as the NBA’s Steph Currie, meditators and creative individuals such as, the late Beatle John Lennon, have been floating widely since the 1960’s.

I suffer from high levels of stress and pain, will this help?2016-09-05T19:02:57-04:00

ABSOLUTELY. We see people find relief from pain and stress everyday. There are volumes of research supporting floatation therapy as an effective treatment for ailments like: chronic stress, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, MS, anxiety, severe back pain, insomnia and eating disorders. Here are some scientific resources: Floating for Pain, Floating and Meditation, Floating and Stress Relief, Floating and Back Pain, Floating and Increased Well-Being.

What will a float session do to my colour treated hair?2016-09-05T19:01:48-04:00

We suggest that you wait at least 2-weeks after your dye your hair before floating. The salt can diminish your hair color if it was done recently. It can also have a negative effect on our float cabins. So, thank you for waiting to float.

Do you do walk-ins?2016-09-05T19:00:27-04:00

We’re typically booked up the day of, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. As the schedule is based on availability one can always give it a try. However, it’s a good idea to call in to book, or check out the schedule below.

How long have you been in business?2016-09-05T18:59:17-04:00

We opened REST ASSURED Kootenay Floats, fall of 2016.

Can I float with another person in the float tank/pod?2019-01-19T19:06:38-04:00

The float cabins are designed as single person floats, only. But since we have 2 float cabins and you want to float with a friend, give us a call and we’ll take care of you (250) 448-4800.

Can I float if I’m on my period?2016-09-05T18:56:55-04:00

Sure, just bring the proper hygiene products as if you were swimming.

What happens after the Float?2016-09-05T18:55:55-04:00

Following your post-float shower if you have brought additional grooming products you have access to a private washroom. Then if you choose, you can relax in our Lounge area complete with complimentary tea, water, reading material, soft music and a soothing ambience.

What if I am Pregnant?2016-09-05T18:54:06-04:00

Yes, however, you need to obtain your Doctor’s approval. Many centres have reported that pregnant women are some of the most satisfied float customers. As the Epsom salt water is so supportive, it provides effective relief of gravity.  There are also reports that moms-to-be have achieved deep levels of connection with the unborn child while floating.

Can anyone float?2016-09-05T18:53:56-04:00
  • Youth under 14 years of age should have both parental and a Doctors approval to utilize a float cabin.
  • Individuals with severe skin conditions should receive Doctors approval.
  • Individuals with specific mental or physical conditions should also receive their Doctors approval.