Refund Policy

Refund Policy2019-01-19T19:06:37-04:00

It is the policy of REST ASSURED kootenay floats to handle all questions and concerns of guests with the utmost regard for personal experiences and temperaments as quickly and discreetly as possible.

We will ALWAYS prefer to reschedule an appointment, rather than issue a refund.

We will ALWAYS offer a complimentary Float rather than issue a refund.

If the concern is one of cancelling a pre-paid Float, even with little or no notice, we will ALWAYS prefer to reschedule at a future time.

In the unlikely event a guest is determined to NOT float at REST ASSURED kootenay floats we will graciously provide a refund, within 24 hours, after a review by management.

If a refund is the appropriate response, there will be 2 things to consider:


A full refund is appropriate if the minimum requirement of 12 hours notice is given.

A partial refund  (50% of what was paid) is appropriate if short notice was given.

No refund is only warranted if zero notice was provided as in “no-show”.*


Whatever the situation for a first time short cancellation or no-show we will offer the guest another appointment, as the goal is to create lasting relationships with all guests.

For any additional short notice or no show we will be guided by the Timing as specified above.

*REST ASSURED kootenay floats Management reserves the right to modify or cancel this policy at any time.